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Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach

It’s H.P. Lovecraft meets E.B. White!

At long last, there has come into being a book about Cthulhu for kids. In this illustrated children’s adventure book, that most awesome of sea monsters, that Old One of Old Ones, Great Cthulhu, comes to vibrant life for a new generation!

When his parents take him on vacation to the beach, Milo expects he’ll have a fun time… But he has no idea he’s about to meet a sea monster.

Who is Cthulhu, and what will Milo do with him? Will Milo’s parents approve?

With a hilariously creepy story and beautiful full-color illustrations, Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach is the perfect horror fantasy for kids. If you’ve been looking for great children’s fantasy books – or if you’ve just been looking for some family-friendly Lovecraft mythos – this one is guaranteed to scare your funny bone off.

As one reviewer says, “It’s got everything I wanted: extra dimensional gods, lost cities, destruction, insanity, and parents that are worse than me.”

What more could you ask for?

Book categories: children's books, fantasy, monsters, and weird fiction