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The Martial Artist’s Mindset: Mental Practices for Fighters, Students, Teachers, Coaches, and Artists of All Kinds

Are you an artist? An athlete? An entrepreneur?

If so, you probably have to confront self-doubt, feelings of failure, and periods where you don’t think you’re making any progress whatsoever. When this happens, it’s common for someone to coast – to go through the motions with no real commitment, hoping that it will get better someday – or worse, to give up altogether, saying “I’ll never be a great martial artist/writer/businessman/etc., so why even try?”

Have you ever done either of those things?

Or conversely, have you been on the victory path for a long time, but now you’ve plateaued and you’re trying to figure out how to take your game to the next level?

If any of this applies to your life, then The Martial Artist’s Mindset is for you!

This book outlines the MINDSET – that is, the primary objects of FOCUS and the primary mental and emotional STATES – necessary for success in the martial arts, which can be applied any other endeavor one wants to pursue.

Live in the moment. Overcome self-doubt. Handle change. Pursue your goals. And practice constant and never-ending improvement.

In The Martial Artist’s Mindset, Luke J. Morris – black belt instructor and MMA coach, author, philosopher, and entertainer – lays out simple, practical techniques for getting the most out of yourself in every practice, and for charting the rapid path to success.

These ideas can be applied and the techniques practiced before, during, or after training, to maximize your training sessions. Or you may use them whenever you want to re-focus and get your mind, body, and emotions into a positive, dynamic state, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

In short, this book WILL help you get the most out of your training and your life. Read it and see!

Book categories: martial arts, non-fiction, and personal development