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Unicorn’s Grace

A powerful magician is dying – and only one thing can save him.

Magic comes with a cost. The greater the good, the greater the sacrifice. No one knows that better than one-eyed Anrik, a wizard so old he refuses to leave his house for fear of meeting death. Until, that is, his raven raises an intriguing possibility…

Eylin the unicorn wants to do nothing more than illuminate the world and all its creatures with her prismatic magic. What will she do when an unknown darkness comes to take her?

In a short work of literary fantasy with touches of magical realism, Luke J. Morris examines the costs of power and the value of life.

Wizards, unicorns, ravens, magic, and haunting questions. Get all this and more with Unicorn’s Grace.

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Book categories: epic fantasy, fantasy, magical realism, and new adult fiction