Christmas Shopping, Comic-Con, and the Joys of the Season

Do you hate Christmas shopping?  Good!  Then we have that in common.

Unlike many sarcastic adults in this cynical age, I still love the holiday season.  The colors, the lights, even the music.  Call it nostalgia, call it naivete, call it dementia, but this time of year brings a warm glow to the cockles of my heart.  (I should probably get that checked out…)

Still, I hate shopping.

It’s not that I hate buying people gifts.  Hell, now that I’m a grown-up with an income, I enjoy giving even more than receiving.  (No, really!)  I just hate parking, lines, and crowds.  I also hate “Frosty the Snowman”, but that’s only because I hear that damn song every time I go to the store in the month of December.

So I buy most of my gifts on Amazon or other online retailers.  I know I’m not alone here.

I make an exception to this practice, though, for one thing: Comic-Cons.  (Yes, this is a plug.)

Tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, I will be at Mighty-Con Comic Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, IL.  Come on out and see me!  I’d love to nerd out with you.

While you’re there, get the rest of your Christmas shopping done!  Parking and lines won’t be nearly as bad as they are at Walmart, and there’ll be so much more cool stuff to see.  You’ll find fantastic gifts there, as well.  Comic books, movies, toys, games, costume pieces, etc. – everything your geeky little heart desires.  And your loved ones will love what you find for them; even more, they’ll love that you actually made the effort to leave the house and shop.  It proves you care.

So come on out and enjoy the last killer comic-con of the year!  (Go to that link to see a list of the artists and vendors who’ll be there.  It’s an amazing array of talent!)  We’ll have a blast together, and ring in the holiday season right.

– Luke


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