Good Times and Nerdiness

A week ago I had a great time at Mighty Con Comic Show.  Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi!  I hope you got all the Christmas gifts you need.

Mighty Con December 2014Mighty Con December 2014 (Parable Comics crew)

This will be a short blog post.  Since Friday I have been visiting my family in Colorado, and tomorrow my sis and I are going skiing at Copper Mountain, so I have to make it an early night and catch up on my beauty sleep.

By the way, if you haven’t been to Colorado… GO.  Go now.  Because it’s awesome.  Every time I come out here, I wonder why the hell I would want to leave.


If you want a fun set of hilarious holiday tales to read aloud on Christmas Eve, pick up Christmas Calamities: The Lost Helper and Other Tales!  I sold several copies at the comic-con, and sent the rest of my inventory to my family members in lieu of Christmas cards (I never send cards, anyway).  It features lost elves, despondent nutcrackers, and clueless wise men.  How awesome is that???

I hope you’re having a fantastic holiday season.  Enjoy the music and the lights and your time with whatever family or friends you have.  And be ready to kick 2015’s arse! 

– Luke

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