Happy Christmahannukwanzadan!!!

Happy holidays, my friends!  I write you from the glorious foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where you no doubt wish you were.  Unless you’re already here.  In which case, drop by and say hi!

Colorado Christmas 2013

As a Christmas gift for all or none, I did a special two-part recording of my story “The Lost Helper”, from my collection Christmas Calamities (published last year, and available in both Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon).  It appears in episodes 29 and 30 of the Fun with Fiction podcast.  Head on over there and give it a listen!  Let my gloriously dulcet voice lull you with holiday cheer.  😉

I hope everyone’s had a great 2015.  Mine has been pretty damn good.  Sure, I still have a lot of stress, financial issues, and all sorts of skull-buggering challenges to overcome, but I’d say, overall, the move to Phoenix, and its resultant opportunities, did some fantastic things for my life.  I’ll rehash that in a New Year’s post a bit later on.

So finish out the year right, m’lovelies.  Hug your friends and family, sip cocoa by the fire, and ski down the tallest mountain you can find.  I’ll be doing all of those things, as that’s what Christmas is all about.


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