Happy Thanksgiving from Cthulhu 4 Kids!

Happy Turkey Day from your favorite vegetarian (me)!

I’m writing this post from my hotel room in Maryland, while my son watches the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV and my cousin and I make snarky comments about the horrible lip-syncing.  A few hours from now, we’re going to flip the channel and watch da Bears murder the Lions (I hope).

Then, of course, it’s time for dinner!  Yummm…  (No, I don’t eat tofurkey.)

So before I completely veg out, I guess I’d better go work out.  And at some point today I’ll have to get a couple thousand words of the novel.  Today will require a good amount of coffee, as I stayed up late last night finishing Cthulhu 4 Kids: Raising R’lyeh.  I’m still waiting on proofs for the paperback, but the Kindle version is available at Amazon now.  And to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, Mo and I are launching the book for only $0.99!

Even better – starting tomorrow (Black Friday) through Sunday, the first book, Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach will be FREE on Kindle.  So tomorrow, grab both of the books for a total of only $0.99 (save $5!).  How’s that for an early Christmas present?

(And once you’ve read the books, don’t forget to leave them reviews on Amazon.  As independent authors/illustrators, Mo and I need reviews to build visibility.  This is the only way we can get the support to keep making new books.)

For Thanksgiving this year, I’m thankful for you.  For everyone who reads me and encourages me to keep writing, keep improving – THANK YOU!

Have a fantastic holiday.  Enjoy your bird (you crazy carnivore, you).  😉

– Luke

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