Jar Jar Wars!!! The Madness of Crowds

It’s 2015.  Star Wars is due out any minute.  Star Trek is coming soon.  The Terminator happened earlier this year, as did Jurassic Park (World, whatever).  Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner is one of the biggest stories of the year.

Yep.  2015.  How times have changed…

Speaking of Star Wars, my friend Paul Erickson, brilliant parodist and author of The Wobbit and The Superfriends of the Ring, released a new book this year:  Jar Jar Wars, Episode IV: A New Dope.

In honor of his latest epic tome, Paul is doing a book signing this Friday, December 17 at Defiant Comics in Forest Park, IL.  So anyone in the area (including all my friends from the old hometown), go check it out!

Seriously, Paul’s hilarious.  And he dresses up as a hobbit at comic-cons (see the picture of him with my son Tyrion below).  Grab his books, at the very least.  You’ll thank me.

Wobbit and Tyrion 2014

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