Live Long and Prosper

I live!

I know, I know, I’m terrible about keeping up to date on things like my professional website and blog. Y’know, the cornerstones of my author career. No biggie, right?

Of course, the real cornerstones of my author career are my books. So naturally I should have some big news there after so long a hiatus, at least.

Well, yes and no.

On the plus side, I finished my degree! I now have a Master of Arts in Creative Writing, fiction focus, from Wilkes University. And in order to finish that degree, I had first to finish my novel. Did that back in December 2016.

I haven’t given energy to any other writing projects; the rest of my time has been going to teaching, training Jiu Jitsu, and spending time with my fiance and son. Selfish, I know. (Oh, and I got engaged in June. Go me!)

Back to the novel:

So now it’s all about revising, rewriting, adding additional scenes, taking out others, etc. This psychological horror/thriller/werewolf tale will go to agents soon, and (hopefully) to a publisher thereafter, and to bookshelves shortly after that. ‘Long as I can psych myself up to get the shit done.

Speaking of getting shit done, Sean Platt, co-founder of the Self-Publishing Podcast, has written this post on how to make a living as an indie author. It provides a much-needed kick in the rear for those of us who drag our feet on our work. *ahem*

A new school year starts tomorrow. A brand new crop of high schoolers will come into my creative writing class, looking for me to guide them in stringing words into sentences and sentences into stories. What’ll I tell them?

The most important thing is to start doing it. The other most important thing is not to stop.

That’s the hard part.


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