New author friends, a horrifying podcast, and setting goals for next year

A lot of cool stuff’s been happening lately!

For one, I’ve made a bunch of new author friends, and I’m constantly meeting more.  It’s amazing how many awesome people are in the world of writing and publishing books.

Speaking of awesome people, I just interviewed award-winning horror author Matthew Harrill on the latest Fun with Fiction podcast.  We talked about horror, fantasy, fiction writing, politics, religion, and the differences and similarities between America and England (he’s British).  Give it a listen!  And pick up Matt’s novel Hellbounce.  I’m a little ways into it, and it’s fantastic.  The folks at the Halloween Book Festival thought so, too.

Hellbounce award

A few days ago I wrote a post on Mind in the Martial Arts on setting goals for the coming year – beginning today.  I wrote it to inspire me – but I hope it inspires you, as well.

Goals Concept

I’ve been thinking a lot about it since then, trying to come up with goals of my own.  Here’s what I have so far, in terms of professional goals:

In 2015, I will…

  • Publish 6 books – including two full novels and two non-fiction books.
  • Build my email list to 200 subscribers or more.
  • Sell 1000 books a month.  (It’s a lofty goal, considering where my sales figures are now – but what’s the point if I don’t shoot for the moon?)
  • Build Fun with Fiction‘s audience to 1000+ podcast subscribers.
  • Create two e-courses, with 100+ students for each.

These are five outcomes in my work life that I believe will take my career to the next level.  Now that I have them in place, I need to create action steps.  That is, what am I going to do to get there?

Ultimately, accomplishing these goals will require serving my listeners and readers better.  That is, giving you more of what you want.  Here are a few ideas I have for how to accomplish that:

  • Write 2000+ words every day (duh) and publish on a regular schedule.
  • Offer pre-order discounts and more free books to everyone who joins my email list.
  • Offer free review copies pre-launch for each book I produce.
  • Have sales and promote my books on Bookbub, Buck Books, and other such sites.
  • Get to know and interview twenty more authors for FwF in 2015.
  • Cross-promote and bundle my books in with other authors of similar material, giving readers more for less.
  • Use Udemy to build one course on martial arts, another on writing weird fiction, and offer them at heavy discounts to my email subscribers.

So: Do you have any ideas for how I might achieve my outcomes?  What do you want to see from me?  Please email me at and let me know your ideas!  I answer every email, and I’ll take all suggestions into consideration.  (If I use one of yours, I’ll give you credit for it, as well.)

Thanks in advance for your feedback! 

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Namaste, my friend.  Until next time,

– Luke

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