New Writing Podcast!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may remember Fun with Fiction and the Eyeteeth Podcast. (If not, click the links and check out the archives!)

Now, after several years out of the podcasting world, I’ve started a new one, and I’m looking to make it the most useful yet. Creative Writing Corner will be a free step-by-step course in storytelling, covering everything from coming up with story ideas to crafting memorable characters to getting your words down quickly to revising your final novel, screenplay, comic book, or what have you.

Do you have trouble with sitting down to write? Getting your first draft done? The basic editing and revision process? How about creating characters, setting scenes, and structuring stories that sing?

So do I. That’s why I continually study my craft, and teach all I know to the next generation. I learn to teach, and teach to learn, and I practice as much as I can.

If you suffer from the same writer’s compulsion as I do (or any similar malady), tune into Creative Writing Corner for the antidote! Each episode will be a 10-20 minute lesson about some specific problem in the writing process. Each lesson will have a homework assignment, and each succeeding lesson will build upon the previous one. You’ll learn, then you’ll practice, then you’ll synthesize your knowledge, then you’ll learn some more. It’s like school, but fun!

Enjoy, my fellow scribes.


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