New Year, New Town, New Life – and FREE BOOKS

Yes, my friends, I still live, I still move, and I still write.

I no longer reside in Chicago, however.  In mid-January I moved to Phoenix, where I took a new job as a ‘Teaching Fellow’ at a 5th-12th grade charter school.  I’ve been here for almost six weeks now, and I’m loving it.  (That ugly selfie is from a hike I took this afternoon.)

Yes, it doesn’t hurt my mood that I’m avoiding the blizzards and the frigid cold; much as I like the snow, it sounds like this winter’s been just plain miserable for my friends back home, which makes me appreciate my new-found tan all the more.  😉

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The Fun with Fiction podcast is still going, though I haven’t gotten up to posting consistently yet.  I’ll get there, I swear.  In the meantime, check out my last episode – an interview with best-selling horror author (and all-around great gent) J. Thorn

I have several book projects in the works, and am constantly penning short stories.  (Again, sign up for my email list if you want to get some of those for free!)

In addition to that, a comic book that I wrote (for newly-fledged Parable Comics company) is currently being illustrated by brilliant artists D’mon Johnson and Lauren Gacek.  I’ll let you know when that comes out; the rough pages I’ve seen so far look fantastic!  I’m writing issue #2 now.

And I’m co-authoring a screenplay with someone who has some small connections in the biz.  So you may see my name on the big screen in the next few years.  Cool, right?

That’s all I have to talk about now.  Oh, except for this…

For this weekend only, these books o’ mine are available for FREE on Amazon!  Grab them by the end of Sunday, and feel the joy flow through your Kindle (or free Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet).

FREE BOOKS (through March 1st, 2015)


And for the next week (’til next Thursday), the books below are on sale for ONLY $0.99!

$0.99 BOOKS (through March 4th, 2015)


Why am I being so generous, you ask?

Because you’re worth it!

And, okay, because I want to build a following, generate more sales, and gather more reviews.  Because I write books for people to read; and if I have to give them away for free (or almost-free) to get people to try reading them, then dammit, I’ll do that.

So go to my Amazon Author Page, pick out what books you want, and grab them!  This sale won’t last long (Amazon won’t let it).

Thanks for everything you do, my friend.  Your reading and reviewing my books helps my author career more than anything in the world, and encourages me to keep working at and improving the art that I love.  Comment below or email me at and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you in return.

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And pick up my books!

Thanks again, my friend.  ‘Til next time,

– Luke


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