The Grad School Saga Continues – A Reading List

I have pitched my MA thesis project, and I now have a mentor!  This is good news.  She’s published more than a dozen books in various genres, she’s well-read, she has a similar writing process to mine, and she also happens to be an 8th-grade English teacher.  I think she’ll help me out a lot.  Can’t wait to get started!

(So, naturally, I didn’t wait.  I drafted my first 300 words last night.)

Beginning Monday I’ll be drafting 2500 words a week, as well as reading a book and writing a response essay every week or two.  Below is the reading list my mentor and I have come up with so far.  Click on a book link if you’d like to join me in the reading!



DEFINED:  In this category, students will be guided to read those creative works that model in either structure or content the kind of project the student is trying to write.

Looks fun, right?  I’m excited.  And nervous.  I’m trying to become a better writer, to write better books and deliver them to a wider audience.  Will I succeed?  I have no idea.  All I can do is my damnedest. 

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